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This is about the business of certifying companies based on ISO9001-like standards. That business always seemed to be strange to me. Now I know, that it is strange. It is tailored to the needs of the players in the certification business and not to the needs of the end users. I experienced myself that even the German accreditation authority tolerates sloppy audits. People who want to change that have to cope with quite some trouble.

Regarding the Proliferation of Online Defamation

In recent months, there has been a troubling, nearly “viral” spread of misinformation and defamatory claims made against Oxebridge and its staff. This includes a series of… well, insane posts on Ripoff Report, a site which then requests thousands of dollars to have them redacted. All the defamatory material is being published by ISO certification industry players who are frustrated with Oxebridge’s reform efforts. There is no surprise as to why this is happening.

Oxebridge is currently under a US Federal court order not to discuss issues pertaining to ongoing litigation in this area. Unfortunately, the publishers of such material are currently not restricted in this manner, and thus their misinformation is spreading while we cannot publicly rebut it. We are working with the Court on a means of allowing us to address the false claims while respecting other parties in the litigation and not, accidentally, defaming anyone else in the process. The court has a balance to strike, and we are hopeful we can help them find the right balance.

If you are reading anything about any litigation regarding Oxebridge, it is likely utterly false, since the parties themselves are currently prohibited from speaking about it. This includes any alleged posts of “court documents” published online by anonymous trolls.

For now, we ask that Oxebridge clients, supporters, readers and the public consider facts over any unfounded and anonymous rumors they may find on the internet:

  • Oxebridge is working to reform the certification scheme so that auditors may not simultaneously consult, thereby avoiding an Enron-style scandal within the quality assurance field. This upsets CBs and their auditors, who want to conduct both services with impunity, thus doubling their revenue streams.
  • Oxebridge is working to put the unaccredited “certificate mills” out of business entirely, so they will be forced to stop issuing “certs by mail” to any organization willing to pay a few hundred dollars. Obviously, the mill operators are upset with this.
  • Oxebridge is releasing free documentation kits to help companies adopt the new ISO 9001:2015 standard, which Oxebridge feels was updated unnecessarily. Both ISO and competing consultants are upset with this, as it cuts into their cynical profiteering.
  • Oxebridge is fighting the standards development bodies to ensure greater representation of ISO 9001 user organizations, and to limit the ability of private consultants from using their roles in such committees to enrich their private consulting practices. ISO, ANSI, and ASQ are upset with this, as it foils their publishing deals and high-priced seminars.
  • Oxebridge is positioning itself to testify before the US Congress on the scandals within the ISO certification scheme, and how they link to deadly disasters such as DeepWater Horizon and Takata airbag deaths. ISO and ANSI are upset with this, as it means they will be formally investigated.

While all of these efforts hope to benefit you, the user of ISO standards, obviously this puts us in the cross-hairs of the industry incumbents. For now, due to the court order, we cannot publicly rebut the critics and trolls. That is changing, however. Oxebridge is pursuing subpoenas to identify anonymous posters of defamatory information and engaging law enforcement when the activities violate the law. We are working with the court to be able to clearly and unequivocally debunk the false claims being made.

In the meantime, if you want to show your support of Oxebridge, consider a donation to the ISO 9001 Users Legal Defense Fund. The funds will go towards helping Oxebridge pursue legal challenges to the incumbents, and break their stranglehold over the end users of ISO 9001. Also, when you see negative online commentary about Oxebridge, be sure to let the posters know you’re not happy about it.

Have patience, and thank you.
Christopher Paris
Oxebridge Quality Resources International LLC

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