ISO 45001 draft cannot be viewed anymore

Dienstag, 9. September 2014 - 02:25

All comments have been collected. That is fine, but sadly, the draft as well as all the comments to it cannot be viewed anymore free of charge ( There has been controversy, but now it is hidden from the public although many employees will be affected by the standard.

My comments focused on the disappearance from ISO 45001 of what is the definition of “ill health” in OHSAS 18001, clause 3.8. OHSAS 18001 defines “ill health” as “identifiable, adverse physical or mental condition arising from and/or made worse by a work activity and/or work-related situation.”

Also in what is the definition of “incident” in clause 3.9 of OHSAS 18001, “(regardless of severity)” disappeared from “ill health (regardless of severity)”.

In my opinion, OHSAS 18001 is better for employees than ISO 45001. Perhaps that is the reason why OHSAS 18001 has to go.

I hope, that BSI will make the comments available for research. This is a matter of public interest.

Regrettably, personalized copies of the Committee Draft now only are available for 38 Swizz Francs.

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